The Archives: Ocean, 2002

I am a firm believer that in the process of making art, that most of the time you have no idea what you are doing.  It's only after making enough art, and enough looking, and enough questioning, that you really begin to understand what's happening.

As I began to work on this series, it became clear that a beautiful landscape was not enough, nor was a beautiful flame.  The two had to interact with each other in a way that made sense.  This involve a lot of planning, but most times, planning ended up being pointless, as fire is impossible to control.  I had attempted to control the burn by putting an accelerator on parts of the photograph that I wanted to burn, but the photograph would burn too quickly this way.  So instead I just watched for patterns in how things burn, and followed their lead. 

In this photograph, I knew that I wanted the flame to move across the horizon line.  I quickly learned that flames to not move horizontally, they move vertically.  So after several failed attempts I hung the image vertically, and lit the bottom of the image. 

I'll continue to post images from this series on each Thursday of the month.  Interested in purchasing a print from this series?  Contact me at

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