Russia, 2003. Part III

My departure from St. Petersburg was quick.  I suddenly decided that I needed to get out of Russia, headed to the Internet cafe to buy a ticket and was home a week later.  The week before I left I shot as much as I could, but again, the lack of sun proved difficult, especially as it was now November and we had less than 2 hours of daylight each day. 
The series I created from my time in Russia, was short and sweet.  Maybe less than fifteen photos.    I called the series "Six Sunny Days" as by my calculations, that was how many truly sunny days I had over the course of three months.  And while I love the photos, I feel like they are a complete and total fabrication of my actual experience in Russia.  They are just like all the images seen in the Lonely Planet travel guide that lured me there in the first place.  Pretty buildings, sunny landscapes, people lovingly embracing on the streets.  It's what I had expected Russia to be, it's what I documented Russia as, but the photos do not fit the memories.
Regardless of the failure that I saw this trip as, it served a major role in my perception of who I was.  I was fearless, and brave.  I loved adventure and travel, even in the darkest and coldest of places.  It also humbled me and made me grateful for the life I had back in Colorado. 

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