On Art and Faith.

Faith.  One conjures the image of the devout kneeling in church, praying to God.  I've been thinking about faith a lot lately, but not in those terms.  Faith can just be the unwavering belief in something.  Something bigger than yourself.  An unwavering trust in something. 

Art requires faith. 

For the last few months, I've been feeling a bit "stuck" in the creative cycle.  Still plugging away at a few photo sculptures, I've been itching to move onto something else.  But what?  And the fear slowly starts to creep in.  What if this is it?  What if I never have any more good ideas?  And then the self doubt.  What if I'm not actually good?  What if I never end up selling anything ever again?  Look at all these people who are better than me.

This is a dangerous place for an artist to be, and sadly, it's also a place a lot of artists visit frequently.  And this is where that faith comes in. 

Just keep going, just keep creating, and something magical will eventually happen.  You have to believe that.  You have to believe that or you become so consumed with fear and doubt that you become frozen in the land of creativity.  So you make things.  And lots of those things are bad things.  And no matter how bad those things are, you just have to keep going, having faith that those bad things will eventually turn into good things.  

Sometimes one of those "bad things" that you made, has just a glimmer of good in it.  Again, it takes so much faith, to to believe that you need to move forward with something , even when that something is ambiguous.

And that's where I stand today. 

There is something there, but it's still just a fuzzy outline off in the distance.  I've been here before. I have faith.  I'll keep making and questioning and revising.  And with a little faith, that fuzzy outline will eventually be clear.  I have faith in it.

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