Happy New Year!

I woke up this morning filled with gratitude that this year is finally over.  We made it.  It's the last day of 2020. And while it may be largely symbolic, I am so happy for a fresh start tomorrow and the dawn of a new year. I also wanted to take some time to create one last piece, on the last day of 2020.  I have not been devoting much time to my studio practice as of late, so I was really surprised at how quickly this piece came together, and how much I love it! I've named it Auguri, which means "Best Wishes" in Italian.  Best wishes is my hope for everyone in this new year, but also a bit of a nod to the first piece I made at beginning of this pandemic, La Merletto, as Covid was ravaging Italy. 

This year has been challenging, and if I'm honest, I have spent much of it filled with worry.  Worry for myself and my partner, as he spends so much time in close quarters with other people.  Worry for my parents who have somehow become "old" and "at-risk" even though I have never thought of them this way before.  Worry for the forests, for people of color, for the state of our democracy.  It is no wonder that I have developed, not just my first few grey hairs, but an entire streak of them.

But in the last few weeks, all the worry has started to turn into something else.  It's hope.  I recognize it as hope.  It's still so faint, that at this point I think it might be just a belief in hope.  But it's there.

I am hopeful that with the vaccines, we might be able to restore some sense of normalcy.  I am hopeful that in 2021, I am going to be able to hug my parents again.  I am hopeful that we, as a collective, have found what is important in our lives, and that we cling to those values as we move into the New Year. 

I also have to thank YOU for all your support in the most tumultuous of years!   Every 'like' or share, every purchase or email has honestly meant the world to me.  I feel blessed to be able to share the wonder I see in this world with you.  I hope that 2021 brings you health, peace, and HOPE! 


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